Buying Hemp CBD Products With a Hemp Blossom in Your Heart

10 Jun

 It is predicted that by the year 2021, hemp production will surpass that of coffee. Is it time to invest in hemp products for your business or for yourself? Recent years have seen a historic increase in the growth of this versatile plant. Experts project that within a decade, approximately half of America's population will use some form of hemp to benefit their lives. With this predicted growth, the demand for CBD products will steadily rise. 

So what are some popular cbd products within the market? For starters, you have hemp skincare products, such as soaps, lotions, and shampoos. Recently, the government has announced the relaxation of regulations that prohibit interstate sales of hemp seeds or fiber. This opens the door for manufacturers from all over the country to enter into a national hemp marketplace, selling their product right across state lines. In addition, hemp growers are able to ship their products throughout the country using common carrier methods, greatly increasing the reach of this versatile plant. 

If the federal government allows interstate commerce in hemp products, what does that mean for aspiring hemp growers in other regions? It means big business for you. Why you ask? The federal government has indicated that they plan to make investing in the technology necessary to cultivate hemp more accessible by restructuring the 2021 farm bill. 

The current agriculture bill does not allow states to mandate hemp flower growth on public lands. Therefore, unless hemp is grown in controlled private gardens, or within the boundaries of one's own state, it is not legal to sell hemp-derived goods within the state borders. What does this mean for you? If you are a farmer or grow hemp flowers in your backyard, you may be excluded from buying the product in the future due to newly passed legislation. Know more about cannabis at

 As you can see, hemp production is only just starting . In order to take advantage of this growing industry you must act now. Get your name and website out to local newspapers, magazines, and even radio shows. Tell the story of how you became involved in hemp growing or how hemp inspired or directly contributed to the development or growth of your business or organization. The story of your success will make hemp-derived products more mainstream and increase your visibility, which will translate into sales and profits. See this product for more info!

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